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Relevant actors and activities contributing to the implementation of Resource Efficiency actions concerning the production sector:

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Actors and Activities in the field of Resource Efficiency

As an overall result of the review of actors relevant for resource efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises of the manufacturing sector and their activities in Austria (done within the PRESOURCE project in 2013) the following can be stated :

  • The Austrian Federal Government is the coordinating actor of activities in support of resource efficiency with several Federal Ministries and State Agencies being involved
  • Public actors in Austria are most active when it comes to funding, information, consulting and other supporting instruments



The Austrian National Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) contains focused goals on decoupling environmental effects and resource consumption from value generation. It is the result of a stakeholder process and was published in 2012. Austria is the first member of the European community to elaborate a REAP implementing the Requirements of European Flagship Initiative For a Resource Efficient Europe.

A variety of private actors are participating in research and implementation projects, technology development, PPPs and networking. These projects and activities are often initiated, funded and implemented by Federal States and their agencies (WIN Steiermark, Ecobusinessplan Vienna, ├ľKOPROFIT Vorarlberg).

Networks consist of multiple actor categories (private, public, scientific, NGO,...); or are aligned to actor groups, industrial sectors, policy areas or to geographic entities. In particular in Austria there is a very good database, even for worldwide resource flows: SERI is a statistical pioneer.