In the framework of the PRESOURCE project the involved institutions mapped throughout Central Europe existing tools providing support to entrepreneurs and intermediaries in the field of resource efficiency in SMEs in a partner country. This section of the Competence Platform summarizes the findings of this research for Austria. It focuses on innovative instruments and tools, which are:

  • Utilised to identify and/or to explore resource efficiency potential (or which contribute to this goal);
  • Utilised within SMEs by enterprises themselves and/or by third parties which assist SMEs in order to achieve particular changes / innovations.

Thus general instruments as described for example within ISO standards (like for example ISO 14001 for environment management systems) are not listed here but rather tools utilised in particular to increase resource efficiency in enterprises of the manufacturing sector.


The results from all 6 participating PRESOURCE countries are collated, fed in and further developed in the EDIT VALUE tool (Eco-innovation Diagnosis and Implementation Tool for Increase of Enterprise Value).

The EDIT VALUE tool is a holistic analytical approach for unveiling resource efficiency potentials in industrial companies. In contrast to most existing tools, it looks not only at products or processes, but also includes business strategy, management procedures and stakeholder interests. EDIT Value avoids imposing the logic of one specific tool on enterprises, but is rather a SME-need-driven approach.

The EDIT VALUE tool is accessible in the section Toolkit.